How to Design a Product Label That Lures Customers?

Gone are those days when a product label was just a piece of information. Today, they are intended to attract customers and build a brand identity. Attractive label printing is an essential component for any product and should help to draw the attention of potential customers. Therefore, y​ou have to do something extra to lure customers. Below are some tips to consider when designing a product label that stands out.

Your Product Label Needs to be Readable

Readability is the number one requirement for any product label. Make sure the text is legible. Itshould be read from a good distance. Normally, 6 points font is the least to use on labels.Sometimes you can use 10 points font and up. The font color should also be in contrast to the background color and needs to be in sync with the brand’s visual style.

White Space

White space is the area where there are no images or text. It normally creates good contrastand enhances readability. The white space area is for creating visual distinction. It gives asense of simplicity to the product and reflects user-friendliness.


Your product needs to stand out among the competitors. An original design of the label is the first thing that attracts attention. Consistency of your printing company name on your products is also something that is memorable and helps customers to make choices easily. Be sure to feature the product and/or company name prominently on the label design. It should be easily identifiable and is the first thing the consumer notices.

Packaging Material

The type of packaging material is decisive for the overall aesthetic of the product you are designing. You can choose from plastic, glass, cardboard, foam, aluminum. It goes without saying that the material should be in line with the product itself. It should make it easy to use and practical.

Label Material

There are a number of material types that you can use for your labels. The cheapest is the paper. You can use metalized, clear or white polyester, industrial vinyl, destructible vinyl, clear or white polypropylene, static cling vinyl, fluorescent and foil paper, litho, semi-gloss and high gloss paper.

Right Typography

Normally, you need to put a lot of text like your company logo, product name and product description on the label. Therefore, choosing the right typography is essential to reflect the product itself. It’s a good idea to create custom hand lettering rather than rely on a pre-existing font. This helps the designer to create something unique. Consider also pictures and illustrations that can create feelings around the product that you cannot do with words.

Print Quality

And finally, think about print quality. You need to enhance the visual presence of the product with quality cards. No matter how well designed your product label is, it will stand out only with quality print. Whether you want a slick gloss, matter surface or coated, it’s a good idea to turn to an expert to make it.
When making a product label, consider these vital tips. The right label will enhance your marketing strategy making the first impression on a potential customer. Even if you are a small business or a startup, you can afford a unique label.

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