How to Design a Product Label That Lures Customers

How to Design a Product Label That Lures Customers?

Gone are those days when a product label was just a piece of information. Today, they are intended to attract customers and build a brand identity. Attractive label printing is an essential component for any product and should help to draw the attention of potential customers. Therefore, y​ou have to do something extra to lure customers. Below are some tips to consider when designing a product label that stands out.

Your Product Label Needs to be Readable

Readability is the number one requirement for any product label. Make sure the text is legible. Itshould be read from a good distance. Normally, 6 points font is the least to use on labels.Sometimes you can use 10 points font and up. The font color should also be in contrast to the background color and needs to be in sync with the brand’s visual style.

White Space

White space is the area where there are no images or text. It normally creates good contrastand enhances readability. The white space area is for creating visual distinction. It gives asense of simplicity to the product and reflects user-friendliness.


Your product needs to stand out among the competitors. An original design of the label is the first thing that attracts attention. Consistency of your printing company name on your products is also something that is memorable and helps customers to make choices easily. Be sure to feature the product and/or company name prominently on the label design. It should be easily identifiable and is the first thing the consumer notices.

Packaging Material

The type of packaging material is decisive for the overall aesthetic of the product you are designing. You can choose from plastic, glass, cardboard, foam, aluminum. It goes without saying that the material should be in line with the product itself. It should make it easy to use and practical.

Label Material

There are a number of material types that you can use for your labels. The cheapest is the paper. You can use metalized, clear or white polyester, industrial vinyl, destructible vinyl, clear or white polypropylene, static cling vinyl, fluorescent and foil paper, litho, semi-gloss and high gloss paper.

Right Typography

Normally, you need to put a lot of text like your company logo, product name and product description on the label. Therefore, choosing the right typography is essential to reflect the product itself. It’s a good idea to create custom hand lettering rather than rely on a pre-existing font. This helps the designer to create something unique. Consider also pictures and illustrations that can create feelings around the product that you cannot do with words.

Print Quality

And finally, think about print quality. You need to enhance the visual presence of the product with quality cards. No matter how well designed your product label is, it will stand out only with quality print. Whether you want a slick gloss, matter surface or coated, it’s a good idea to turn to an expert to make it.
When making a product label, consider these vital tips. The right label will enhance your marketing strategy making the first impression on a potential customer. Even if you are a small business or a startup, you can afford a unique label.

You should consider rebranding your packaging around the holiday season.

When the holiday season comes up, many throughout the globe experience a change in their mood. Some love the holiday season, some don’t. Yet no matter what, every single year these last 2 to 3 months really affect everybody’s mood. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are always associated with happiness, joy and spending time with your family and loved ones. Which means that people would love to buy products that share the same holiday spirit. One of the ways to ensuring that your product shares the holiday spirit is its packaging, which should be rebranded. That’s right, rebranding your product packaging will bring numerous benefits to your brand.


Emotional appeal

The vast majority of the consumers, during the holidays, loves to shop for items that embody the positive holiday spirit. If you decide to rebrand your product packaging during the holidays, your product will look much more appealing to the consumers. There are other means of sharing the holiday spirit through your brand. Changing up your logo, your social media websites, etc. still, your product packaging is going to be the first point of contact for the majority of the consumers who are not familiar with your brand. Which is why rebranding is important.


Increasing your sales figures

This holiday season is promised to be extra special. According to the National Retail Federation, people are planning to spend 4% more during the holiday season, compared to the last year. In fact, when reviewing the statistics consumers are in a good financial status, thus they are willing to pay extra for their gifts, decorations, goods, and many other items. This essentially entails that if your product manages to attract the consumers’ attention during the holiday season, your sales figures are guaranteed to increase.



Keep in mind the Holiday Season Horror Stories

While it is crucial to consider rebranding for the holiday season, it is also important to keep in mind that there are many dangers and risks involved with this rebranding process. There have been instances where certain brands overestimated consumer demand and were left with unsold and overstocked holiday-themed products. Another instance of a failed product rebranding is the Coca Cola case. In 2011, Coca Cola decided to rebrand its cans for the holiday season and changed its color from red to white. For many consumers this was confusing. Consumers assumed that they were buying Died Coke, which lead to a lot of confusion and left the brand with a lot of cans of Coca Cola that nobody wanted.


Choose the right Packaging Provider

So, if you’ve decided to rebrand your product for the holiday season, it is very important to take into consideration the fact that the rebranding process isn’t going to be easy. This is why you have to consider to hire a professional team that will be able to handle all of the necessary work. Choosing the right printing company in Los Angeles, will surely lead your product and your brand towards success.

Why Are Roll Labels a Perfect Solution?

If you are thinking about a cost-effective and professional looking packaging for your products, there is nothing better than roll labels. You can order custom stickers and label printing in bulk and apply them to your products or use them during events with minimum effort. They are easy to use on jars, bottles or anything you’d want to brand. Fully customized, professionally designed options are available for any budget.

Here is why you should consider roll labels whether you are a manufacturing company or a host at a conference.



Roll labels are often the most affordable and cost-efficient solutions for the manufacturing industry and more. Normally, a label is printed digitally which allows brands to print multiple designs in one print run. The material may be premium matt paper, waterproof film, and transparent polypropylene.

The most budget-friendly are paper options. You can use them indoors where it won’t come in contact with water. Plastic custom solutions are oil and water-resistant and are more durable. If you want your labels to be weatherproof and dishwasher-safe, the best option is the vinyl type.


Bulk Orders

You can order in bulk and use them in a huge variety of events and production processes. If you are a food processing company that produces 10 000 cans of tomato sauce per week, your best option is to choose a budget-friendly paper-based roll label designed by professionals with highlights of your brand name.



It goes without saying that the consistency of your brand mark is half of your company’s success. You can ensure that your product is consistently showcased. It is the best way of raising your brand awareness and getting individuals to learn about your brand.


Simplified Application Process

The use of roll labels is often effortless. It is super simple to tear off individual items and hand them out or apply them to your product. The simplified application process makes these products invaluable for large quantities and bulk orders.


Variety of Types

There are a variety of types of labels that you can use depending on your business needs. Here are some of them.

  • Clear

Put your logo on a custom clear roll label and stand out from the crowd. If you want people to see the product inside the packaging, you can apply clear vinyl that allows for transparency.

  • Waterproof and Oil Resistant

Use plastic to withstand any element no matter what your product needs to endure, including water and oil.

  • Matt and Writable

These labels are also waterproof. It is possible to write on them with a pen, pencil, and marker. They are customized and have a modern look for any need.

  • Paper

These are the most budget-friendly. It is a quick way to order a large number of your brand’s labels at a reasonable price.

  • Foil

These can create a luxurious finish on any product or gift. And by the way! Without breaking your bank!



Why Product Packaging Matters So Much?

In the modern world, the market is filled with a huge number of products. Almost every type of product can be represented by numerous brands, and the only differentiating factor at first is the packaging. If a consumer is interested in acquiring a new product, something they haven’t tried before, they have a couple of means of choosing a product. One of those means, which is the most important, is the packaging. That is exactly why all of the product label manufacturers have to focus on packaging as much as they do on the quality of their product.


Good packaging is easily marketable

If your product has attractive, creative or even odd packaging it can be used as a marketing tool in order to advertise the product itself. Attractive packaging will ultimately be rewarding, as it will undoubtedly grab the consumers’ attention. In fact, in order to make a good lasting impression, the packaging must stimulate the consumer’s brain within the first 7 seconds when they see it. During that short amount of time only the packaging of the product can attract attention and stimulate a desire for the consumer to obtain it.


Packaging color plays a crucial role

The color of the packaging is another crucial aspect that will help attract consumers. With the right usage of colors, many emotions can be conveyed to the consumers while they are observing your product. If soft colors are used, they can convey a feeling of comfort, joy or relaxation. Some darker colors can convey seriousness, roughness or even luxury. Moreover, by doing close research on the target demographic of your product, the right combination of colors on your packaging will help you land a deal and make your consumers happy.


Well done packaging creates Brand Recognition

The packaging of your product is essentially going to be presumed as the face of your company. If it is well-crafted and attractive, then it will make a lasting imprint on your consumers. Essentially, packaging is going to be one of the main features of your product that your consumers will memorize. This can be very useful in terms of keeping your old customers loyal to your brand, as well as attracting new customers.


Packaging can be more than just a means of attracting customers

Creative packaging, if done well, can convey a strong message to the consumer. If your product has something to do with sports, it can convey a motivational tone by using appropriate imagery and text printed right at the front. Or if you want to show your consumers that each one of them matters, your brand packaging can be stylized as a wrapped gift, which will convey the message that each of your products is wrapped up just for this consumer, thus making them feel special.

Packaging should be more than just a means of showcasing your product. It represents your brand, can convey a message, and most importantly it will help your brand grow. Which is exactly why you should always pay close attention to your product packaging.

How to make your packaging stand out!


When trying to come up with a custom label printing for your new product, you are always faced with a number of problems. Your product has to be memorable, look pretty and attract attention. More importantly, the packaging design of your product has to be unique, so that it stands out from a shelf that is full of different products. Although it is a task that is hard to achieve, there are a couple of methods that can be used to improve your product’s look.


Apply the KISS Principle

The KISS principle essentially stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” This term was coined by the U.S. Navy during the 1960s. It was done with an effort of reminding that a simple system always works better than a complicated one. The same applies to creating and making packaging designs. If your packaging design is oversaturated with visual information, color or text it won’t look attractive and memorable. Even if it does end up sticking out from the rest, consumers won’t remember it fondly.


Try a Minimalistic Design

If your company is new in the market and you don’t have a lot of expertise coming up with design ideas, then going for a minimalistic design is a good choice for you! That decision can bring you lots of benefits. You can be assured that your product will stand out with it’s clean and uncluttered design at least from the majority of other products. You won’t necessarily spend many resources on designing and producing your packaging. Plus, your product will look trendy, as nowadays minimalistic designs become more and more popular amongst consumers.


Always Go for a Professional Look

Making and label printing packaging design on your own might be an easier and cheaper alternative. Although, that most probably won’t attract the consumers. This is why you should always consult and hire a professional team, that will handle all of the necessary work. It is an investment that needs to be made if you want your product to stand out.


Make Your Packaging Reusable

If you have the option of making your packaging reusable, then you should definitely make it happen. It will serve as a positive influence for your brand, and when consumers end up reusing it, your brand logo is going to shine through no matter what.


Always Use Top Quality Materials

Another benefit of hiring a professional team to help you with your packaging design is having the best quality packaging for your product. Top-quality material usage in packaging is very crucial. Your packaging is going to be the very first thing that your consumers interact with. Hence, they will be formulating their first impressions based on your packaging quality as well as design. Using top quality packaging materials will ultimately assure that your consumers get very good first impressions and a strong feeling that your product is good, even before they have actually tried it.